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Collaborative partners and links


Psychosocial counselling

for infertile women, men and couples

Infertility and/or fertility treatment can be stressful for many women, men and couples.

Psychosocial counselling by trained specialists can help to

  • prevent stress

  • alleviate existing stress.

Psychosocial counselling may be helpful for infertile couples before, during and at the end of their fertility treatment as well as for those who receive no medical treatment.

Mrs. Hähnlein and Mrs Schernbeck are consultants for the charity Diakonisches Werk in Heilbronn respectively Heidelberg. They are specially trained in the counselling of infertile women and men. Mrs. Hähnlein and Mrs Schernbeck regularly come to our clinic and are available for our male or female patients (individually or as a couple) for non-binding supportive conversations.

Appointments via our reception desk: Phone 06221 89 300-0
(Please mention that you would like an appointment with Mrs. Hähnlein or Mrs Schernbeck.)

To find further addresses

of psychosocial counsellors in Germany with long-standing experience in psychological and psychosocial counselling in cases of infertility, please visit www.bkid.de.

TCM / acupuncture / homeopathy

If you are interested in receiving supportive naturopathic treatment, we would be glad to recommend some doctors from the region who are trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), acupuncture and/or homeopathy.

Genetic counselling

If you have tried in vain to have children for several years, but also if you had repeated miscarriages or if deformities or hereditary diseases have occurred in your family, it may be helpful to talk to a geneticist. We cooperate with human genetics institutes in Heidelberg, Mannheim and Karlsruhe.

TESE (Testicular Sperm Extraction)

If it is necessary to perform a TESE procedure to surgically extract sperm from the testicles, we cooperate with the Urological Department of the Salem Hospital in Heidelberg (Medical Director Dr. Weber) and Dr. Ali Barhoum in Mannheim.

Dr. med. Christian Weber

Evang. Krankenhaus SALEM
Urologische Ambulanz
Zeppelinstr. 11-13
69121 Heidelberg

Tel: +49 (0)6221-483230
Fax: 06221-483491

Dr. Ali Barhoum

Franklin Klinik

Robert- Funari-Str. 2-6

68309 Mannheim

Tel: +49 (0)621-733645
Fax: 0621-7363927

Treatment with donor sperm

For donor sperm treatments, we cooperate with the Erlangen sperm bank.

Other partners are the Berliner Samenbank and the European Spermbank.

siehe auch: Treatments / Donogene Insemination

Quitting smoking

High-quality smoking cessation counselling in the Thoraxklinik, Heidelberg

Smoking can cause many diseases, especially of the lung and respiratory tract. However, it may also reduce fertility. If either partner smokes, the fertilisation rate may be reduced by up to 30%.

Surveys suggest that 70-90% of the smokers want to quit but do not know how! Anyone who quits smoking will not just feel some physical improvements quickly, but may also contribute to the successful therapy of his/her smoking-related diseases or effectively prevent them.

The smoking cessation center at the Thoraxklinik Heidelberg will be glad to help you quit smoking. To register, please call

Phone: +49 (0)6221/396 2888

Counselling team

Dr. med. dent. Claudia Bauer-Kemény