Psychosocial counselling

for infertile women, men and couples

Infertility and/or fertility treatment can be stressful for many women, men and couples.

Psychosocial counselling by trained specialists can help to

  • prevent stress
  • alleviate existing stress.

Psychosocial counselling may be helpful for infertile couples before, during and at the end of their fertility treatment as well as for those who receive no medical treatment.

Ms. Hähnlein is a consultant for the charity Diakonisches Werk in Heilbronn. She is specially trained in the counselling of infertile women and men. Ms. Hähnlein regularly comes to our clinic and is available for our male or female patients (individually or as a couple) for non-binding supportive conversations.

Appointments via our reception desk: Tel. 06221 89 300-0
(Please mention that you would like an appointment with Ms. Hähnlein.)


To find further addresses

of psychosocial counsellors in Germany with long-standing experience in psychological and psychosocial counselling in cases of infertility, please visit