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The first visit and the next steps

During your first visit, you will meet your personal doctor. She will reserve up to 45 minutes of her time for you. All our doctors will respond flexibly to the individual circumstances of each couple. For this reason, we do not follow a fixed consultation and treatment pattern.

In some couples, no prior investigations have been made into the factors which could be responsible for the fact that no pregnancy has occurred – in these cases, we will recommend some comprehensive diagnostics first.

In other couples, it may make sense to carry out further diagnostics in addition to the existing examinations. A still further group of patients will already have received comprehensive information as well as a full diagnostic work-up and possibly therapy by other centres.

After a careful diagnostic process, the doctor will discuss the possible therapies including their pros and cons, the individual steps of the therapy as well as their chances, risks and costs. Of course, she will also recommend a specific therapy and explain which approach should be chosen from a purely medical point of view.

We will inform you about your chances of success – realistically and without promising more than we can keep. The therapy will always depend on the treatment intensity the couple is willing to accept.