Karin Miltenberger

Clinic manager, QM coordinator

I was born in 1974 in Heidelberg to a Croatian mother and a Tunisian father.

After deciding to train as an apprentice rather than taking A-levels, I stepped into my sister’s shoes and replaced her as an apprentice in the gynaecological practice of Dr. Dieter Schenk. After my training, I worked as an assistant with the orthopaedic surgeons Arza/Beks/Schwiedernoch in the ATOS clinic for two years. Both positions had a very positive influence on me.

When I read about the vacancy as a senior assistant in a gynaecological practice in the local newspaper in 1996 at the age of 20, I mustered all my courage and applied.

I was recruited by the founders of the present clinic in October 1996 and was given the chance to contribute to the development of the initial “Working Group for Reproductive Medicine” into the current big fertility clinic.

Since then, I have trained as an assistant to the clinic management and am qualified as a quality management coordinator and clinic manager.

Thanks to my superiors and colleagues, I still find my work at the Heidelberg fertility clinic fulfilling.