Dr. Werner Böker


Born 1952 in Eschwege/Werra, Germany

I grew up in Mönchengladbach, where I took my A-levels.

1977 Training as an optician.

I then studied medicine, graduated and received my license to practice medicine from the University of Heidelberg.

I subsequently spent two years working at the Traumatological Department of the Sinsheim District Hospital.

I then trained as a consultant anaesthetist and took my PhD at the University of Heidelberg.

In 1997, I established as a practising anaesthetist in Heidelberg and started cooperating with the KWZ (fertility clinic) Heidelberg

I further qualified in emergency medicine.

I also work as a part-time emergency physician in the Heidelberg area and as an airborne emergency physician for the German Airborne Rescue Services in Mannheim.