Intrauterine insemination with donor sperm

If the sperm quality is extremely poor so that no pregnancy can be achieved either by insemination with the male patient’s sperm or IVF/ICSI or if the couple decides to refrain from IVF/ICSI after counselling, it is possible to use donor sperm from the sperm bank for the insemination. The donor sperm is deep-frozen in liquid nitrogen and is only approved for use after extensive testing for infectious diseases. Before the treatment with donor sperm, the couple will receive comprehensive information including the legal aspects of the treatment as well as written documentation. The couple must also sign a comprehensive contractual agreement with the sperm bank delivering the donor sperm. We cooperate with the sperm bank in Erlangen. From July 2023 on also the Berliner Samenbank and the European Spermbank. Donor sperm treatment will not be paid for by the German statutory health insurance.