IVF or ICSI in the natural cycle

In natural-cycle IVF, the usual high-dose hormone stimulation is avoided. Such a therapy may be suitable for younger women with regular cycles who require IVF or ICSI treatment but do not want or would not tolerate a high-dose hormone therapy, e.g. because of a coagulation disorder.

Women whose ovaries fail to react adequately to high-dose hormone therapy are also offered this treatment option.

The level of physical stress caused by natural cycle IVF or ICSI is low. As treatment must occur at the exact time of the ovulation, 2-3 ultrasound scans per cycle are sometimes required. It may therefore make sense to trigger ovulation using drugs. As in conventional IVF, the oocytes are retrieved under ultrasound control through a vaginal approach under short-term anaesthesia or without anaesthesia. Since only the one egg cell formed in the cycle can normally be retrieved, the pregnancy rates are lower than in conventional IVF – and again, the same rule applies: The younger the woman, the higher her chances.